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tv   9 News Now at 5am  CBS  February 28, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EST

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possibility. ground clutter here. there's showers in delaware and pennsylvania. spotty showers near winchester, in western maryland, down to the southwest coming from charlottesville toward fredericksburg in another hour but things are fairly quiet here. not the case though in ohio. in fact, through kentucky. look at the deep reds. these are severe thunderstorms coming into tornado watch boxes, and plenty of lightning with them as well. we definitely have to watch for the possibility of severe weather this afternoon. temperatures this morning in the mid-40s here. 50s at the airport here and look at stanton and luray and oakland already above 50 degrees. 5:00 a.m. good morning, angie. >> good morning. hello, everybody. starting with yellow lights because we have an overnight accident investigation to telling you about. key bridge, right now, what we know inbound lanes are able to get in on m street, it's the outbound lanes still closed off. if you need to head out of the district, use canal road to chain bridge, that will get you where you need to go.
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overall, wide view of the area, no other major problems as we look at the realtime graphics. zooming into the outer loop, drivers moving at speed to 270 but the roads are slick, please be careful. to the maps, eyes on 270 out of frederick past germantown road and beyond. finding it very nice and quiet, no incidents to report. travel times, virginia, 66 from the fairfax county parkway to the beltway, about 10 minutes. on the inner loop from 395 to the toll road, 13. and nice, clean and green on the toll road toward the capitol beltway. next traffic report at 5 10 and a look at the key bridge accident. speaking of track, there's a new group helping monitor traffic around the washington area. >> it's the metropolitan area transportation operation coordination program or m.a.t.o.c.
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officially opened 30 minutes ago. more from the facility in greenbelt. >> reporter: we're at matoc, stands for metropolitan area transportation operation coordination program and here is where they are able to monitor everything that is going on in the region such as road work happening and also what is happening on the key bridge. let me turn to another monitor where there's still police activity on that key bridge. for your information, it's used to tell other agency what is is going on in our area. >> absolutely. i come in every morning just to make sure that the morning commute for the folks in dc and around the region is safe, that they are not going to be dealing with any uncommon things that they are not used to. everyone is used to rush hour traffic but it's the closures, the construction that hasn't cleared and major accidents. that's what we get involved in and share that information. >> reporter: people on the phone actually talking about their particular incidents on the key bridge. what do you communicate? >> i call vdot first in dc to
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make sure we have the correct information. inbound lanes you can see are open, outbound still closed. just calling to verify we're going to send the correct information to the people involved or affected, for example, metro, bus routes, we'll put that information together and send that out in an e-mail to let the the folks know, hey, this is what is going on, might affecting this morning. >> reporter: this helps everyday commuters, right? and also folks and first responders needing to respond quicker? >> absolutely. we were very involved with the snowstorm that happened a couple weeks ago. i guess it was a month ago now. just kind of looking at the area as a whole, making sure there's not major routes that might be clogged up, that sort of thing. it's one of those -- it's a work in progress but it's better to have i guess an eye on the whole region versus just a tiny part. you definitely help with the information sharing. >> reporter: the ice storm obviously created a lot of havoc, not the smoothest but
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you're able to get a bird's eye view of that? >> absolutely. >> reporter: that is the latest here at matoc. in the next half-hour, why this operation was created in the first place. back to you. >> thank you. while you slept, police in wisconsin decided not to arrest protesters at the state capitol. >> capitol police there planned to close the building sunday afternoon for cleaning but 200 protesters refused to leave. they were upset of course and are upset about a bill that would eliminate most of their collective bargaining rights for many state employees. the protesters, however, didn't interfere with the cleaning crews, so they were allowed to stay. the capitol is set to open for regular business about four hours from now. the last surviving american world war i veteran has died. frank buckles died of natural causes yesterday at his home in west virginia. he turned 110 years old earlier this month. he lied about his age to join the service at age 16. and until recently he had been
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active in the campaign to get a national world war i memorial built in washington. concerns about measles spreading at two of our local airports. health officials put out an alert after a passenger with measles was at dulles airport sunday, february 20th and bwi marshall last tuesday. if you were in either of those airports around then and developed a fever or other symptoms contact your doctor immediately. virginia's general assembly wrapped up a day later than scheduled yesterday. as lawmakers hammered out details of the commonwealth's $80 billion dught. state workers would be required to pay 5% toward retirement but would also get a 5% pay raise. the budget is more than $100 million for public colleges and universities to help stabilize tuition costs. another $77 million would go toward initiatives to help with severe disabilities or mental illnesses. there's a month to mark up the budget before the general
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assembly april 6th veto session. time for the latest "your money" report of the morning. >> and jessica doyle has the headlines. >> reporter: good morning. jobs, jobs, jobs. wall street wants to know what is going on with the job market. we'll find out friday when the big jobs report comes out. unemployment fell to 9% in january as more americans gave up their job search. a check of wall street, the dow stands at 12,130, added 61 points in trading friday. the nasdaq rose by 43 points and the s&p 500 was up by almost 14. wall street is also continuing to watch oil prices. they've jumped to nearly $100 a barrel today in asia, continuing violence in libya is disrupting oil output in the opec nations. the chaos in the oil industry in libya cut production by 60,000 barrels a day. violent protests also raised fears that the political upheaval could affect other crude exporters. here's something that could put a smile on your face for free today.
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tomorrow's national pancake day. did you know that? >> 7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m., get a free short stack of pancakes in ihop. in return the chain hopes you will donate to local charities such as children's hospitals while you are there. >> sweet. what's coming up? >> some people might have a little bit of trouble when trying to log into g-million cats this morning. coming up. one of the complications rising from the turmoil in libya. >> coming up, neighboring countries are now trying to get a grip on the growing unrest. >> and now that discovery has docked astronauts are preparing for tonight's first spacewalk.
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welcome back. we're going to look at more virginia roadways at 5:17. making news now. coming up on 5:10. a new problem is getting worse,
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as the world waits to see what happens to gadhafi and libya. >> refugees are fleeing across the libyan border into tunisia. the number is easily in the tens of thousands, possibly even over 100,000 people. many refugees are egyptians who work in libya and are frustrated with their own government for not aranging for their evacuation. the first funerals are held for victims of the new zealand earthquake. the death toll from the quake has climbed to 548, still more than 50 people still missing in christchurch. financial relief measures have been announced. they expect the economic cost to hit $15 billion. the space shuttle discovery astronauts are preparing for the first spacewalk of the mission saturday night. it docked with the international space station over the weekend. tonight's spacewalk includes hooking up a cable extension so supplies can be permanently installed on the station's
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orbiting lab. coming up, march madness, coming up at 5:23. >> 5:18. a big change for people who use log lines. and the mild temperatures. coming up. [ male announcer ] from maryland to the mall and beyond,
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welcome back to "9news now." 5:14. howard bernstein is here and not a bad weekend, a rainy start but what is the rest of the day going to be like? >> we could get strong thunderstorms in afternoo the afternoon. some of the storms could contain damaging wind gusts. not like we have not had enough of that lately. i like to point out things could always be worse. you could be in a part of the world where there's even more, like in the oklahoma-kansas area where yesterday early season funnel clouds were spotted along the oklahoma/kansas border. that is a helicopter from a local tv station. one did touch down, to at least one tornado on the ground this morning we have quite a few tornado watch boxes across the ohio valley and tennessee valley, with the storm system headed our way. it's kind of pretty from a distance but wouldn't want to be on the ground in that. that that is something.
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and springtime around the corner. meteorological spring begins in about 18 hours. the bus stop forecast this morning, watch for spotty showers out there, temperatures in the 40s, even low 50s south and southwest of town, but mainly in the 40s. sun up 6:42. today 6:00 p.m. on the nose. we're about two weeks away from daylight saving time. remember, they moved it a few years ago, changed the date. 9:00, spotty showers, 56 degrees. south winds at 20 miles per hour. southwest winds, 21 and 67. again, showers possible thunderwith a better chance of strong to potentially severe thunderstorms this afternoon and early this evening. 5:00 temperatures in the 60s. daytime highs today, upper 60s to low 70s. we're watching the action to the west here. you can see last night's showers that moved to the north and east. this morning that red box there, that is a tornado watch, southern ohio, parts of kentucky through tennessee as well. this action is all going to be
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here later this afternoon. this morning, on live doppler 9,000 hd -- i forgot my remote -- see a couple of spots across northern virginia and also central virginia where we're seeing those showers. first trip takes us towards loudoun county and twarlstown where you're about to see some of the showers move into winchester and loudoun county. and spotsylvania, fredericksburg, this is headed to you. even route 17, over the next 30 minutes. south and west, milder, 50s and 60s already, in the yellow and greenish areas. that will move in and replace all the 40s and these cold temperatures as we go throughout the morning. a mild day ahead. calm winds now but that will change under cloudy skies and 46 at reagan national. a big storm system. you can see the energy northeast. a tiny bit of snow on the northern edge of that north of detroit but tornado watch box
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and severe weather in parts of arkansas and even northwestern louisiana. this is what we have to look forward to for the afternoon. just to show you the futurecast, we'll put the timing on this. we're ok this morning, 9:00, should be fairly quiet, maybe sunny breaks as well. we head towards midday with showers moving in. especially north and west of dc and then this afternoon scattered showers and thunderstorms, heaviest looks like it's going to be south of washington, even through 6:00 and then tonight we get clearing moving in as we head toward the midnight hour. your next three days, today 70 degrees with scattered showers and storms this afternoon. some strong to severe. 50 tomorrow. we'll be looking at 58 wednesday. cool again on thursday in the 40s. by the weekend more rain chances, unfortunately later saturday into early sunday. 5:17. the lady in red has traffic. >> happy monday. it feels good to finally turn that green light on. that is because we have better news on the key bridge.
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they are wrapping up that accident investigation. we'll take you out there live and show you the conditions here. inbound, lanes are wide open but going outbound, still losing two right lanes at the bridge span so you can always use canal road to chain bridge as an alternate if you want to avoid all of this. overall, we'll come to the maps and take a wide look at the area. not too bad. 95 in virginia from fredericksburg, all the way up to the beltway, still 45 minutes. 95 in virginia, doing very nicely as you take the live conditions here, just a little slick. back out to 66, no problems to report, from fairfax to the beltway. we have a look at the travel times on the outer loop, 95 over to 270, we'll switch over to the graphics. we are in the green still making your way on 95 from 216 to the beltway. only about 10 minutes. and dc, 295, no problems to report to the 11th street bridge. in the next traffic report at 5:24, we'll look at the dulles
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toll road. now to a commuter alert for riders and drivers who take part in slug line. today ddot is establishing a new location for passenger pickup. until now sluggers usually waited on 15th street between 8th street and new york avenue. the new sign is on new york avenue between 14th and 15th street. ddot says passengers can be picked up there between 2 3:00 -- 3:00 and 6:00 p.m. people who use the old location can be ticketed. a this afternoon the virginia governor and other officials will be on hand for the opening of the new hov ramps on i-66 west. the ramps to monument drive and springfield road will let hov drivers stay in the far left lane instead of cutting across traffic to the exit. only a few games left before we know which local teams will make the ncaa tournament. >> and some area teams are getting the history they need for a march madness berth.
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highlights coming up. >> 5:20. time for the question of the morning. >> what is the most romantic city in america according to a recent survey? new york, san francisco or honolulu? >> and a look at comments you already left on facebook. this is a strawberry pop-tart.
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5:23. mostly cloudy skies, spotty showers around this morning. as we go through mid-morning, 9:00, 50s. we're going to jump into the 50s, maybe even 60s south and west, some sunny breaks but won't last long. midday, north and west, showers are moving in. some will turn to thunderstorms in afternoon. upper 60s to low 70s and some of these storms even for the evening drive home could be on the strong side. maryland is working its way into a tough spot in the conference tournament, in the ncaa. highlights in sports. >> reporter: good morning. the ncaa tournament maryland
5:24 am
terrapins have few opportunities to show why they deserve an invitation to go dancing. a win yesterday would have helped the cause but they just couldn't get that win. jordan we will yams got another double-double, 16 points, 19 rebounds but harrison barnes scored 21 points and carolina won 87-76. west virginia in piscataway visiting rutgers. west virginia kinds casey mitchell wide open for three. george washington women hosting st. joe's. mustafa on the break. st. joe's. battle in virginia, this was a good up with. hair rison hits the jumper to tie the game. that sends it to ot. in the extra session, game tied at 70-70, crosby puts virginia
5:25 am
he'd for good and virginia beats virginia tech 5-2. that's a quick look at sports. have a great monday. it appears the redskins will get rid of one of their best-known players. the team will release clinton portis as soon as today. portis is due $8 million this year and injuries limited the 29-year-old to just 13 games over the past two seasons. a very colorful figure they will be losing if he does move on. >> costumes. >> i know, everything. when he's healthy a great player. coming up, we're going to tell you which part of the dc area has the most vacant housing. >> plus, discussing some of the hits an administration has taken in the last week. >> 267 headed eastbound from tysons and the toll plaza, smooth but slick. key bridge update and look at district roads coming up.
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good morning. i'm andrea roane. >> angie is back. welcome back. >> thank you. >> howard has the weather first. >> spotty showers now. that's not the big deal. it's this afternoon when we have strong to even severe thunderstorms that could rumble across the region, with the main threat being damaging wind gusts. in the mid-40s now. 9:00 mid-50s. a spotty shower can't be ruled out. after the noon hour that is when action will be picked up from northwest to southeast. some thunderstorms for the drive home could contain damaging wind gusts but the temperatures are in the upper 60s to low 70s. 20 above where we should be. look at the thunderstorms from pennsylvania, ohio, cincinnati, lutherville. back towards paducah, kentucky, the boxes are tornado watch boxes.
5:30 am
locally we have spotty showers from hagerstown through leesburg down route 15, warrenton, route 17 to fredericksburg. and culpeper south and east. the showers are moving east and coming to the metro in the next hour or so. mid-40s here but off to the south, almost 60 richmond. luray up to 57 while winchester is 45. again, we're going upper 60s to low 70s. here's angie with the traffic. >> good morning. we are going to get things off with the green light, that is because we have no major issues to tell you about. first, the problem we were watching since early on, key bridge, accident investigation, that does continue, inbound you're ok. outbound, you're going to lose two right lanes in the middle of the bridge. taking you over to the maps, this time we're going to zoom on in towards the district, take you live to northwest dc, connecticut and calvert, notice very nice and quiet here. switching that camera to southeast dc, from pennsylvania
5:31 am
and the cecil bridge, lanes open and a quick of the change, vre, marc, metro, all on time. coming up in the next traffic report, 5:39, a look at the parkway. the national governor's association is meeting here and most of them are focused on how to balance their state budget. >> not easy to do. after spending much of the day in meetings on sunday president obama hosted the governors for a dinner at the white house last night. many of his guests were republicans who are actively seeking to overturn some of the white house policies like federal health care reform. a dc police officer suffered serious injuries overnight when he was struck by a car on the key bridge. police tell "9news now" the police officer responded to an accident on the bridge involving a motorcycle. he had gotten out of his patrol car when another car hit him but that driver did stay at the scene. we're told while the officer's injuries are serious he is expected to recover.
5:32 am
this morning there's a new too many officials -- tool officials can use to help them respond to major traffic problems, in the dc area. surai has more. >> reporter: yeah, it's a mouthful, metropolitan transportation operation coordination developed after 9/11. the horrific events really showed the inned a wassies of being able to communicate with first responders. we havetarian hutchinson -- mr. hutchinson to talk about why it was developed. >> after 9/11 we had problems communicating with most agencies. after that transportation agencies got together and said look, we have to share information better. we developed the regional traffic information system. that gets data from all the jurisdictions, information centers and pushes it back out to the host agencies, the
5:33 am
public, media outlets and so forth. to your left is basically a screen shot of what is happening in realtime. >> reporter: some question, if we ever needed a mass evacuation, is this a tool that we would be able to use and access? >> in terms of awareness for responders, yes. you can pull it up, see what is going on and get a bird's eye view of what is happening in the region. >> it also shows a work in progress we need. last month's snowstorm, ice storm, too many people on the roads, we need to get that information out there faster. >> right. i think if all agencies get together for planned events. july 4th celebrations we get together and coordinate a lot better, i think a lot of strategies in there, we can use this, to keep our leaders informed of what is going on and stay stay off the roads, let the leaders do their jobs. >> reporter: in the next half-hour we're going to talk to a trooper here and how he receives the information from
5:34 am
here. coming up. back to you. >> thank you. the accuracy of some police breath-alyzers starting to come under scrutiny now. the dc council member mendelson is going to have a hearing on the devices, machines have been wrong many times. gray's administration has been under fire last week. gray appeared live on "9news now" sunday night with bruce johnson. as to the firing and hiring of suleiman brown for the top job in the finance office gray said his resume seemed to check out at first. >> there was initial data done that led them to go in and hire. additional information came in after that and personnel issues arose. >> mayor gray also said he spent part of sunday looking at a list of city vehicles. it came up last week that the
5:35 am
council chair kwame brown had two leased suv's, one he rejected because of the interior color, and both costing the city nearly $4,000 a month. 5:35. >> helping to stop foreclosures? >> so far still bad, we're talking about the federal program to stop foreclosures, so far only one in four has gotten relief from the mortgage assistance program from the white house. "the wall street journal" reports the rest failed to qualify or were disqualified after they were initially accepted into the home affordability modification program. about $1 billion has been spent so far on this program. almost 6.7 million homes have been lost between 2000 and 2004. the foreclosure crisis hit frederick county hard. census figures show nearly 6% of the homes in the county were vacant when the census was taken in april. that works tout to be more than
5:36 am
-- out to be more than 5,300 homes. check your g-mail account this morning. roughly 100,000 to 200,000 accounts were hit by a bug. when you log in your account basically reset to when you first signed up meaning everything is gone. google is working on the problem and most likely will be able to restore those accounts. in the meantime that recipe from grandma won't be in there. >> thank you. federal government shutdown may not be happening this friday as many predicted. details coming up. >> plus, cameras capture a glimpse of one of the world's most endangered species.
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welcome back. 5:39. cool and damp this morning with temperatures in the 40s, high
5:39 am
humidity and spotty showers about to roll through. as far as today is concerned the day planner, spotty showers this morning, 56 though. turning into the 50s in the next few hours. upper 60s at noon. this afternoon, we'll watch for potentiallytronic thunderstorms -- strong thunderstorms. i'll be back with a look at the 7-day forecast in a few minutes. here's angie. >> thank you. right now we're traveling the gw parkway, drivers, a huge ride to the key bridge. conditions on the key bridge at 5:47. 5:39 now. california police are investigating a bizarre traffic pile-up involving goats. nearly 200 goats made their way from a farm three miles away to the interstate 5. a few of the goats were killed in the crash. officers herded the rest of them out of danger. they are trying to determine how the goats escaped from the owner's property in the first place.
5:40 am
scientists show up a rare look at one of the planet's most endangered species. a couple of rhinos wandered in front of cameras set up by the wildlife fund. they are believed to exist in only one national park now. deforest station diminished their habitat. they were also poached because the horns are worth a fortune on the black market. a deal may be in the works to keep the federal government from shutting down later this week. that story coming up. >> plus, they could use some of the rain we're expecting today in texas. where wildfires are scorching thousands of acres. >> as we head to break -- celebrating, -- birthdays --
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5:44. mr. bernstein. good morning. the forecast just keeps going -- whoo. >> springtime may be setting in a little early but it's typical of early spring, with the ups and downs. snow chances are almost out of there completely. >> yay! >> almost. even sunday morning. one of the models said it might be cold enough. >> it's coming? >> yeah, six days from now. i don't have any flakes in my 7-day forecast. i just don't believe in it. weatherwise, the bus stop forecast calling for spotty showers this morning. temperatures in the 40s, they will even climb into the low 50s in some areas. south of town, southwest, may get well into the 50s. that warm air is just a little bit far away but coming. 6:42 on the sunrise. not quite an hour away and sunset is 6:00 p.m. mostly cloudy at 8:00, a spotty
5:45 am
shower, 54. south winds will pick up from the southwest, almost 20 miles per hour by noon. a few showers, especially north and west of washington. by afternoon though showers and storms, upper 60s to low 70s for a high at 4:00. by 8:00 back to 59. winds from the west. still a few showers and thunder can't be ruled out. the action from last night, there it is, there it goes. but this morning a thin line of showers coming through with heavier stuff back in ohio. let's go to live first warning doppler -- live doppler 9,000, on the regional radar animation, going north to frederick county, western carroll, spotty stuff in montgomery county, fairfax and loudoun county. this is really spotty in nature. coming through, moving east at 30 minneapolis. so i think -- 30 miles per hour. so i think in an hour it will be out of here. 95, woodbridge, man manassas, some showers, should end in the
5:46 am
last 15 minutes. and northern neck, southern maryland, prince george's county, should be there 35 to 45 minutes and only last 20 or 30 minutes. then this afternoon things get more interesting. there's the warmth. 67 charleston. roanoke in the 50s. richmond almost 60. locally in the 40s, mid to upper 40s, 40s alexandria 48. centreville 44. national checks in, cloudy skies, 46 and calm winds, with the humidity high at 93%. so there's a definite chill in the air. look at the tornadoes watches inders to the west, south of pittsburgh through western west virginia. this storm continues to move to the east. this is what we're watching as we get into the afternoon. noontime, showers. here are the showers and storms for the afternoon. this will be clearing later tonight. quieter weather after midnight. today 70, showers and storms.
5:47 am
some damaging wind gusts this afternoon. 50 tomorrow, cooler but milder, wednesday not bad, 58 degrees. thursday, chilly again, in the 40s. while friday 52 and late showers saturday, saturday night into sunday morning. 5:47. angie? >> we've got the green light, we're turning it on. no major incidents to report across the area now. we want to update you on the key bridge conditions. right now better news, all lanes wide open headed inbound and outbound following that overnight accident investigation, it's clear. overview of the area, this time we're going to focus on 270, that southbound trip, nice, clean and green out of frederick but around germantown road, that is where we're watching the volume pick up. you're still ok here around the father hurley area. to the maps, this time looking at the outer loop in maryland, taking you live from university, more drivers are hitting the road here between new hampshire avenue and georgia avenue, no incidents to report, a quick look at travel
5:48 am
times, virginia, 66 headed eastbound, we're in the green from fairfax county parkway to the beltway. >> coming up at 6:00 a.m., a closer look at virginia roads. back to you. >> thank you. making news now at 5:48 -- protesters in tunisia forced out their longtime president last month and now they are celebrating the resignations of the interim prime minister and his government. protesters died saturday in clashes with police. they complained the interim government had too many ties to the old regime and failed to implement reform. wildfires are spreading across the southern plains in the panhandle of texas. many people are now in shelters there. after having to evacuate yesterday. as the flames scorched almost 2,000 acres there. a few homes burned but so far no reports of any injuries. just over a week of revelry left in new orleans leading up
5:49 am
to mardi gras. sunday was highlighted by the 18th annual festivities, an event to include man's best friend in the celebration. mardi gras is march 8th. federal workers may get a temporary reprieve when it comes to a government shutdown. >> a compromise is in the works to fund government operations for two more weeks while lawmakers try to agree on a budget. if congress doesn't act many government functions will cease in just four days. susan mcguinness has the countdown to shutdown report. >> reporter: congress could be closing in on a deal that would keep the government running at least for now. >> i think that's clearly headed in the right direction. is that the end of the story? you know, the way this is probably not. >> reporter: leading democrats expressed support sunday for a gop proposal that would offer a two-week extension of funding through $4 billion in cuts. house republicans pan to take up the measure tomorrow, if
5:50 am
congress doesn't act soon the government could run out of money by friday. >> we're broke. broke going on bankrupt. and just as a bankrupt business has trouble creating jobs so does a bankrupt country. >> reporter: a short term fix would allow lawmakers to work on a plan to fund the government through the end of the fiscal year. some governors say there's no reason for lawmakers to let friday's deadline pass without an agreement to keep the government running. >> the job is to solve the problems, not just stand in the corner and hold their breath. >> reporter: in his weekly radio address president obama urged lawmakers to act fast. >> for the same of people and our economy we cannot allow gridlock to prevail. >> reporter: still, many worry a deal to avoid a shutdown could just leave lawmakers in the same place two weeks from now. susan mcguinness for cbs news, washington. i'm happy to join with you today in what will go down in
5:51 am
history as the greatest - >> in 18 months something occurred to say hey, we're not giving money to any building projects because you can't compete with human disaster. lo and behold we've done ok. >> many thought it couldn't be done at all. 16 years ago the martin luther king memorial was barely a dream. this summer it takes its place among our most hallowed monuments. join us for the first monday of each month leading to the historic day. quintessential american stories and unique perspectives on the civil rights movement on through to the struggles of today. tonight at 7:00 we kick things off with a series of previews of the vision that started with a box and just $10. 5:51. time for the question of the morning. >> before we give you the answer here's a look at some of the responses
5:52 am
you put on facebook. >> the answer is c, honolulu. >> very funny. >> just a coverup will do. we'll look at how much the libyan crisis moved up our gas prices over the weekend, coming up. >> and a review of the big winners from the academy awards. >> one automaker has been offering deals worth about $4,000 this month and they are still trying to head to the lot. coming up at 6:08.
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5:55. looking at live doppler 9,000 hd, a line of spotty showers moving in from new market through montgomery county and howard counties, on the west side of the metro, fairfax county approaching washington now, down to western charles county.
5:56 am
this will be pushing through the next 30 to 6 ominutes. it's later this afternoon we're most concerned for the possibility of strong thunderstorms. so, as we'll see temperatures will climb rather rapidly. 50s by 9:00, upper 60s at noon with showers already north and west. by mid to late afternoon, watch for strong to severe thunderstorms and damaging wind gusts but look at the highs. they will be upper 60s to low 70s. now to angie. welcome back. what is buzzing in entertainment? what a day. the academy awards were handed out last night and those rooting for an upset in the major categories walked away disappointed. karen brown has more from los angeles. >> reporter: the 83rd academy awards turned out to be the like the kind of feel-good movie hollywood loves to produce. >> colin firth, "the king's speech." >> reporter: the favorites took home the top prizes including a very humble colin firth for best actor. >> i have a feeling my career has just peaked.
5:57 am
>> reporter: a very pregnant natalie portman won for best actress. >> i am so grateful to get to do the job that i do. i love it so much. >> my gosh, they are all real. >> reporter: fresh faces co-host, anne hathaway and james franco got a shot at the starring roles. even tough guys like christian bale, winner for best supporting actor couldn't fight back tears. >> my wonderful wife who is my last - >> reporter: it was all about the party including the most famous of them all, the "vanity fair" party where hollywood royalty revelled into the night. >> "the king's speech." >> reporter: but it was british royalty that stole last night's show. "the king's speech" took home the most coveted award. best picture of the year and best director. and although these oscars would be rated pg-13 after best supporting actress winner melissa leo uttered an expletive on stage. >> i really don't mean to offend and probably a very
5:58 am
inappropriate place to use that particular word, in particular. >> reporter: when leo and all the winners joined the youtube singing sensations from ps 22 in staten island, new york -- it was a storybook ending a king could be proud of. karen brown, cbs news, los angeles. >> to see a full list of oscar winners go to look under the buzz tab. on my blog we are picking best and worst-dressed. worst is to the one you just saw, melissa leo. what was that? >> a little casual. >> something from the 1960s. best baby? i love the hair. >> my hair looks like that in the morning. >> major bedhead going on here. so precious.
5:59 am
she's sleeping now. she's sleeping through the night. >> very lucky. does she still make the little birdie sounds? >> now they are pig sounds. >> but you are not calling her piggy. >> no. but she's making farm animal noises. most of all she's not crying too much. >> with the camera. >> she's very good. she's a little ham. speaking of piggies. we're very happy and glad she could join the "9news now" family. >> glad you're back with us. >> i'm happy, too. i'm home. thank you for watching "9news now" at 6:00 a.m. the gang is all here. i'm andrea roane. >> i'm mike heidich. angie is back with weather and traffic in a moment. >> and howard has weather first. rain in the forecast. >> really big rain, spotty showers this morning but andrea just said it, later. this afternoon, the threat of severe thunderstorms later, once again will roll through. we don't need that. out west


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